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Website hosting can be one of the most ambiguous of topics now-a-days.  It has the ability to confuse people from the beginner to the seasoned pro.  We are going to explain it in plain English so you never feel uncomfortable discussing it again.

Website hosting in a nutshell is the “home” for your website.  That’s it.  Really simple.  Think of it like your home.  If you were to tell someone where you live, you would give them an address that would tell them everything they needed to know.  Your website resides on a computer that is connected to the Internet somewhere in the world.  That computer has an address just like your home does.

In all actuality, it really does not matter where your website is hosted, as long as you have access to the files.  The computer could be in your basement connected to the Internet or it could be located in a huge data-center in Arizona that is connected to the Internet via a super high-speed Internet connection.  All websites move across the Internet via light waves which move at 186,000 miles per second!  Our servers are located in the Arizona scenario listed above.

What should concern you is the age and quality of the computer hardware, the technical know-how of the staff, the security standards that are in place, and last but certainly not least – the technical support.  We use best-of-breed routers and computer servers, our staff is highly trained in the most current Internet standards, we implement some of the highest security standards available and our 24/7/365 technical support has won many awards.

At Westerly Hosting, we worry about the technical stuff so you can focus on running your business/website.  Our plans start at just $7/mo and include unlimited bandwidth.  Our plans are designed to grow with you so we always have a plan that is right for you.  If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales & support team to assist you in your decision.

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